Virtual Strategy Research Team

What does a fast growing start-up MedTech do when they want to stress test their strategy? In the case of Seer Medical, it was to partner with Three Chairs Consulting and stand up a team of talented MBAs from Melbourne Business School for the internship of a lifetime.

The interns brought their deep experience in BioMedicine, Financial Services, and Health, and combined these with exceptional skills in finance, strategy and research. The team was able to build scenarios and strategic options in a creative way made possible by their diversity of skills and experience – from China, Vietnam, India, Mexico, Canada, Kenya, and the USA.

The team conducted research to provide evidence to assist the executive team to evaluate various strategic initiatives. They gathered insights on the industry, competition, and conducted market sizing.

With additional guidance from David Trende (Melbourne Business School), the team proposed sophisticated valuations models, using discounted cash flow analysis and company comparative analysis.

Their research made the initiatives being contemplated even more tangible, providing Seer with tools they can use to sequence and prioritise their choices – including considerations such as operating model, pricing and chosen markets.

And what made this the internship of a lifetime? It wasn’t just the direct exposure to the brilliant Seer Executive team in one of Australia’s fastest growing MedTech start-ups. It wasn’t just the energising team culture and alignment of values at Seer and with Three Chairs Consulting. It was the incredible feeling of contributing to a company that is democratising at-home health care.

Thank you to Seer Medical, Melbourne Business School, and all of the MBA Interns who contributed so thoughtfully to this internship program. Thanks in particular to Damien Kenny for making this program possible.

Oh and the dog is Rose – she didn’t contribute much to the research, but was a great source of morale-boosting during Covid-19 lockdown.