About Us

We’re a creative consulting practice, transforming businesses, not-for-profits and social enterprises. 

Our name, Three Chairs Consulting, was inspired by Joseph Kosuth’s “One and Three Chairs”, an artwork that asks the question “How do we know what we know?” 

This question drives us to support our clients to set their businesses up for success.  We make sure you are clear about where you are going, and confident that you are set up to get there.

We are driven by a desire to inspire, and we get a kick out of solving problems in new ways.  

We offer a suite of integrated management consulting services. 

We work with boards, executives and leaders to shape and deliver strategy. 

To drive strategy through to successful execution, we work with you across your organisation to align strategy to people and operations. 

We support you to build the foundations required to deliver on your strategy. This includes the leadership, culture and capabilities to set you up for success. 

What makes Three Chairs Consulting different? 

Our work is focussed on more than just the tangible outcomes. The process that leads to these solutions, the coaching that occurs along the way and the trust and confidence that we instil in our clients, is just as important. 

Our clients enjoy working with us because they come away with renewed clarity and focus. But they also tell us that the safe environment we create allows them to take managed risks and try new ways of doing things.     


Our work is guided by three main values:


We strive to deliver an outstanding experience for our clients and act in a way that is ethical, transparent, considered and courageous.


Whether it’s a blank canvas or a tight brief, we love bringing new ideas into the mix. We are driven by curiosity about what’s possible and approach our work from a place of creativity, insight and learning. 

Positive impact

Nothing makes us happier than seeing organisations thrive. We give leaders the tools to grow their impact. 

Our People 

Our experts are here to set your business up for success. 

Our Clients

We work with large and small organisations across a range of industries and sectors. 

Our Services

Our management consulting services span strategy, governance, operations, people, culture and leadership.

Looking for a genuine partnership that can bring out the best in your people?